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Kesem Candles X Nur Minawi - Handmade Ceramics and Crystal Candles

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This collection holds a special place in our hearts, as it embodies the passion, tradition, and artistic expression of Nur Minawi, a third-generation pottery artist from Jaffa, Israel. What initially began for Nur as a hobby in 2011 has now evolved into a full-time occupation, allowing Nur to carry on his family's legacy of creating exquisite handmade ceramics.

For Nur, pottery is more than just a means of creating beautiful objects; it is a profound worldview and a powerful form of artistic expression. He believes that through pottery, he can convey diverse and distinct forms and ways of life, capturing the essence of human experiences and emotions.

Handmade Ceramics Nur Minawi
Handmade Ceramics Nur Minawi

The result is a collection that exudes a unique blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, seamlessly merging ancient pottery techniques with innovative design elements. Each item tells its own story, bearing the mark of Nur's skillful hands and our mutual dedication to creating art that resonates with the soul.

The inspiration behind this exceptional collaboration lies in the harmony found in natural materials and the longing for genuine serenity amidst the complexities of today's reality.

Nur and we embarked on this fruitful journey together two years ago, initially by chance, but it quickly blossomed into a strong friendship and numerous successful business ventures.

The process of designing this remarkable collection spanned over a year, as together with Nur we meticulously crafted and refined every aspect to bring our shared visions to life. Countless hours were spent in deep contemplation, experimenting with different techniques, colors, and forms, until each piece radiated the essence of both Nur's artistic heritage and our collective aspirations.

The combination of his beautiful ceramic pieces with our fragrances and crystal candles are what makes this collection special.

This collection stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative nature of art. It represents the coming together of two creative forces, bridging cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Through Nur's passion for pottery and our shared vision, this collection showcases the beauty that can emerge when artistic minds intertwine.

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