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The word Kesem in Hebrew means magic. 

The meaning of magic varies from person to person. For us, magic is in the little things in everyday life. Whether it is a fragrance that evokes an old memory, small moments of happiness, or even a ray of light that gives a different atmosphere to the room.

To us the combination of crystals and candles is a powerful combination, full of energy, healing and simply magical.

Supporting Local Production and Art

Whether in Israel or in Europe, our candles are manufactured locally to support the local economy.

As part of creating art and bringing our vision to life we collaborate with local ceramic artist to make the vessels for our candles.

The design goes hand in hand with the artist's vision and input as part of our vision to create something together.

Kesem X Nur Minawi.jpeg

Inspired By Nature

Our designs and collaborations we make are inspired by our love of nature in its raw form, our love of traveling around the world, and nostalgic fragrances.

Whether it is in the country or abroad, our candles are manufactured locally from the highest quality raw materials with maximum consideration for the environment in the production process.

A Family Affair

The brand is the fruit of our creation, two sisters from the same home with a shared passion for travel, a strong connection to nature and a love of design.

The energy we get from assembling and making candles and spreading joy is the force that motivates us to keep creating.

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