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Moonstone Rainbow

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Moonstone Rainbow

Rainbow Moonstone is a visionary stone. It can shed light on problems and issues that are causing you distress and illuminate your path ahead. It helps us to see the “bigger picture” and to avoid tunnel vision.

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This crystal is said to be beneficial for alleviating headaches and relieving tension in the neck muscles. Emotionally, Rainbow Moonstone soothes anxieties, calms fears and stabilizes mood. It promotes empathy and loving communication between individuals, strengthens self-confidence and allows us to trust our inner wisdom and intuition to guide us onto the right path.

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Third Eye Chakra

When to Use

Call upon Rainbow Moonstone when you need reassurance that your instincts are right.  Use it in meditation to help build a connection with your guides and can also be used in grids for manifesting desires and grounding them into your physical reality. 

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