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Giving Back

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We believe in giving back to causes that are close to our hearts, every month a percentage of our proceeds go to charity to one of the causes below:


As women, endometriosis is a cause close to our heart. This chronic disease is painful and is very difficult to live with. The awareness to the disease has risen in the last few years, but it is still not curable.  

Nowadays many research organisations are working on a treatment and on spreading awareness for this disease.

We feel that it is very important to support organizations that provide information and continually research the disease and possible cures.  

The organizations donated to:

Endometriosis Association Germany eV

Breast Cancer

Unfortunately Breast Cancer nowadays is very common and is an issue very close to us personally.

 The advanced research and awareness thanks to the great organizations dedicated to the matter, have helped many patients to overcome this disease and to be treated. By supporting these organizations advances research can continue and hopefully more and more people could survive this disease. 

For this cause we donate to :

AB Leads

Who have a unique approach and Powerful technology to this issue


We love animals and are vegan through and through. Whilst we as a society have come a long way with awareness against animal cruelty there is still so much more to be done. There are many organizations that help animals, beautiful people who fight for animal rights and others who give animals a good life and loving homes, it is not easy to choose. 

We have chosen to donate to a sanctuary farm in Israel. This place is close to our heart and is literally heaven on earth for the rescued animals and serves as a great source of publicity for the cause.  

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